The only way is UP!

Three days ago I was finally told my mood stabilizer has stabilized me, and allowed to start anti-depressants again.


Well, I can’t complain really. I mean, the feeling you are on cocaine without having to spend money on it is quite nice. Hypersexuality + hot boyfriend = good combo too (although he started to protest a bit now). I did my paperwork! I wrote things! I cleaned things! I cooked things! (Not ALL the things yet, I have a backlog of two months, but still.) Only things where I must focus (like sentences) are problematic.

I am tempted to shout “Woooo hoooo!” a lot. Or to drive a car very very fast. (I don’t have a driver’s license — not unusual in the town I live in.) Or to jump off buildings and cliffs, screaming.

I also have a doctor visit in two days and worry she’ll take me off the antidepressant and I will plunge back into debilitating three-hours-to-get-out-of-bed depression.


(I can’t recommend FuckYeahBipolarOwl enough.)


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