I have a season!

This Bipolar Owl nails it:

My mood stabiliser kind of works. Kind of. Saturday made me understand what people mean by ‘zombiefication’. Sunday was lovely. Today was kind of very nice but with depressed bits in the morning and in the evening (now). This is not what I call ‘stabilised’. Yes, my depressions are less deep and highs are less high, but is that really all I can expect?

I have no idea what to do about money. Basically I haven’t got any and I am not capable of any work right now. Although sometimes I am. It’s just that I never know in advance, which makes me somewhat unemployable. I mean, I could either ace the interview, if I got one tomorrow, or fail to show up, depending on a mood swing that randomly comes every day or two. Oh yes, and I might get upset with the next person who sends me an article about link between creativity and mood disorders: yes there is a link. Now take my creativity and my depressions…

…although, fuck, no, I wouldn’t give my creativity away if I could lose both or none. I can’t imagine my life without being creative. All I do is creative. I constantly make things. Art connected me with my boyfriend. If creativity was gone from my life, the hole would be so enormous I can’t even imagine any bits left outside it.



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